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Eitje, I'm kind of looking your way for this.
I need to convert a few image files into working DVDs so that they can be placed into a TV-only DVD player and play a movie with functional menus. I've done this before when I had VOBs, BUPs, and ISOs in a VIDEO_TS folder, but now I have a few projects that are not organized like that. Here are the three projects I need help with.

1)I have two shorts in VOB format that I can play through VLC and that have audio and video. I need to know how to make a DVD from them that can play in a player (i.e. not a data-DVD but an image DVD if that makes sense). As a second question related to that, can I put both shorts on one DVD and wil there be some way to select them as by using a DVD player's internal menu system?

2)I have a film in ISO format that in VLC features audio, video, and functional menus. How do I make a DVD from it?

3)...This one I may be able to solve myself. I'll repost if I can't figure it out.

Thanks for any help.
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