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The Shoe Makers Children Go Bare-foot, and other things
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Mon Mar 09 2009, 06:07am Print
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How many of you techs have swapped out DVD / CD-rw what ever and not screwed them into the case on your personal systems - and instead of doing it right - just turned up the volume on whatever you where watching / listening too so you didn't hear that horrid hum of the drive rumbling around in the case?

<-- *doin it right now with an Overclocked 800mgz (1g) AMD sys I just Built and seein if it will Blow Up - Tom Waits is the Music of Choice.

5.1 surround - some bourbon, and junk PC parts = fun Edited Mon Mar 09 2009, 04:40pm
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Mon Mar 09 2009, 06:37am
Better Smokin' Than Meth!
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I didn't get that scattered thought, but it "sounded" kinda funny ...
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