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Remove Your Info From Google Searches (Not Info Bureaus Individually)
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How To Start the Removal Process
Start the removal process HERE. You’ll need to select whether you want to:

This will:
-Remove information you see in a Google search.
-Remove information you see in Google search and on a website (With this option, you’ll need to confirm whether or not you’ve reached out to the website owner).

1. Select the Type of Content You Want To Remove
Choose one of the following options that best describes the content you want to be removed:

Personal information like ID numbers and private documents
Nude or sexually explicit items
Content about you or sites with exploitative removal practices
Content that should be removed for legal reasons
Imagery of someone currently under the age of 18
Google will also ask you whether the information about you online was shared with doxxing intent. You’ll have to click yes or no.

Then you’ll be asked for your country of residence and contact email address.

Note that Google says these steps are only to remove live search results. If the content is a cached page that may no longer exist but is still appearing in Google search results, you’ll need to follow the steps to remove outdated content.

2. Enter the URL of the Pages That Show the Content
Next, you’ll need to copy and paste the URL(s) of the pages that have the content you want removed. You may have to enter any of the following links:

Webpage URL
Photo URL
Google search results page URL
Google also provides resource articles on how to find the URL of a page or image.

3. Upload a Screenshot
Google also recommends that you upload a screenshot of the webpage. Depending on the type of information or imagery you’re asking to be removed, uploading it may be required.

4. List the Query Terms

You can add the terms that you used to pull up the search results in question.

As an option, you can also list any additional context that might help your request. After that, hit Submit.

After you’ve completed the process, you’ll get a confirmation email.
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