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Just remember, FIGHT in the FOREST ...
Jump levels at BLUSPRING's TRAINING ...
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Fri Jul 20 2007, 11:35am
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All villages have a forest except Thrashburg which has a Desert.

Explore all the locations, there's heaps of cool stuff there.

When you have enough experience, go to your race's home village to go to Bluspings Warrior training. Each race has a home village.

Admin characters shouldnt participate in Player vs Player fights, but if they have a non admin player in the game, then PvP is ok.

There are nearly 100 different events in the Forest and Village, some good, some bad, some both.

Some items are retained after dragon kills, but money, gems and weapons arent.

Eat every day at the picnic area in Thrashburg, it'll be to your advantage.

Build a house as soon as you can in any village, you can pay it off.

Marry Violet or Seth ASAP.

Do good deed's and Valhalla awaits. Do bad deed's and you'll go to theShades.

I will add new monsters and stuff, any ideas for monsters can be emailed to me [email]

I'm still trying to get PvP working in the Shades.

Enjoy! Edited Fri Jul 20 2007, 11:36am
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