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Fri Mar 07 2008, 09:09pm Print
Better Smokin' Than Meth!
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So, I made ONE COMMENT on your shitty board and own your admin, and here you are ...
So, if you're gonna bring it; BRING IT!

Member Email Address Joined
683: Stu Pidasole -email- Fri Mar 07 2008, 03:57PM
682: Sofa King -email- Fri Mar 07 2008, 03:53PM
681: anGus -email- Fri Mar 07 2008, 03:52PM
680: A Guy Wanking -email- Fri Mar 07 2008, 03:51PM

Nice usernames though ...
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Fri Mar 07 2008, 10:36pm
Rape barn owner
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That's like board invasion lite... nice one.
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