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Lend me your mind; I've lost my own. . .
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This thread (and I'll admit I stole the idea from a message board that my girl posts on semi-frequently...) is titled "Fuck You Of The Day" also known as "complaints and grievances".... Got something to complain about... put it here... got cut off in traffic and need to vent.... put it here... Someone rape your dog while you were at work, and you're pissed off because you were planning on doing it that night anyhow but now the thrill's gone because now puppy-wuppers is now stretched out to max capacity and you're jealous that you're not the one that made it walk funny for the Reverend...... Put it down here...

Now, Who's got something to complain about....
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Sat Jan 10 2009, 12:30AM
Better Smokin' Than Meth!
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I'm pretty content bitching about the business sign thing ...

I'm sure I'll blow up about something soon enough ...
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