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Better Smokin' Than Meth!
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Ok, so last week I'm in a tree, there's two monkeys masturbating over 2 drunk homeless homosexuals who are fucking a previously paraplegic dead alligator over the back of an old VW bus. Ten minutes into this romping fuckfest I happened to need to take a piss and, forgetting I needed two hands to stay in the tree, this causes me to accidently slip out of said tree whereas my dick fell into a pile of random homohobo or monkey spunk.

Now, are my chances of having possibly caught something simply multiplied by 5 over the national average per capita of people possibly infected with some sort of disease or is it multiplicative as in within powers mathmatics because there's supposedly a higher chance of bodily contamination during necrobeastial buttsex?

Please answer this question as soon as possible as my nuts are currently on fire and I'm running out of generic Cool Mint Listerine to pour onto them!

Thanks in advance ...

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Tue Jun 01 2021, 07:56am
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Time is like a sharp It can carve hard lines on beautiful faces and wear out youth year after year, but using it well can make a piece of simple stone into a great statue. St. Mary Academy is still a simple piece of white stone briefly carved, but as time marches on, com it may be spoiled by dust, worn out by weather, or broken into separate pieces. It may be also carefully carved by knife into wonderful statues. Everyone at school, including our schoolmates, controls this knife.
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