Welcome To "Thrash" Inc. BBS!!! Systems!/TSi's Famous Generic Website!!!
Wednesday 28 February 2007
Welcome to TSi's Famous Generic Website!!!
Welcome to "Thrash" Inc. BBS!!! Systems! ThrashInc.Com ....

It's All Another New Beginning!

The MAIN TSi SITE/SERVER reflects about 40 various years worth of research, articles, and submissions to TSi (all else you'll have to search for on Google or TOTSE or something), and are hosted on my local machine(s), not this server.
(however, I'm digressing and showing my age) ...
So, let's move on ...

You can still access the old site (ThrashInc.Dynu.Com) at your leisure for the finest in HPCAV, cracking, emulators, emulation, UFOs, and anything else you can imagine, including the Old TSi Web Board if you so desire.

The New Web Boards are up and running,
with an army of lamers fucking with them.

Now, you can also access the old archives of the Dynu site on Archive.Org.

So come, join us, look around, submit links, and have a good time.

I want to also remind you people that Family Guy, South Park, Simpsons, Beavis and ButtHead, and many other full episodes are available for download on our FTP SERVER which resides at ThrashInc.Dynu.Com if you log on as anonymous (25/20 user limit; just wait your turn, man!). You can view a list of the files here). You can also download 1000's of guitar backing tracks from our FTP with
Username: backing
Password: traxx
(You can view a list here)

Oh, and additionally, if you'd like to write for us, moderate, and/or just be a lame asswipe with us, please send us a Private Message as to why you aren't a total fuck up, what you can do for us, and why we shouldn't ban your lame ass on the spot for even wasting our time asking!

Meanwhile, hang and enjoy!
-=The Thrash Inc/TSi Staff=-

After much time, ThrashInc.Com is finally reborn once/yet again.

TSi has existed, at times with the IIRG (International Information Retrieval Guild), OCAP (Orange Cats Are Pretty), FUK (Freedom Under Knowledge), Brotherhood Of The Rose, 2600, and many other (100's of) affiliates, for over 35+ years now.


IT'S BACK! - Legend of the Green Dragon MultiUser Game
Remember Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) from the old days?
This is an updated and much improved version of the original BBS game.
Come play Legend Of The Green Dragon/LORD today!

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