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Has anyone used RadMin 3? My gracious host recommended it in a forum, I have downloaded, but haven't played with it yet. There are many R-Admin progs out there (especially for winBlow$ but I don't want to invest any time in it if it isn't worth installing.
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Sun May 31 2009, 04:33am
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I wasn't a fan of Radmin... Radmin was a waste of time for me... I used Teamview (free program)... you can set it up different ways.. you can have it always load or not... you can set the other end up with a permanent password, or you can set it up where the person on the other end has to tell you a four digit session password... It's kinda neat.. that's what i use for my local family
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Wed Dec 25 2019, 02:07pm
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AnyDesk (Which I really like)
and Mikodo ...

The last two are completely free ....
Teamviewer is "free for personal use", however, they are kinda anal about what that is ...
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