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How to Run Windows Apps on Android with Wine 5.0 (Or 3.X+, Android System Depending)
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Sun Mar 07 2021, 05:22pm Print
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Wine is one of my must-have tools for working on Linux. If you do not know Wine, it is a compatibility layer between Windows and Linux, that bridges the gap between the two and allows Windows applications to work on Linux; almost magically.

While Wine has been available since a long time, but the 3.0 release brought an important update — support for Android. That means, now you can easily run Windows apps on Android. And through this post, I will tell you just how to do that.

Let’s take a look.

Wine for Android is a simple app, and you only require an Android device with a working Internet connection to download and run it.

You can also download the required app (Wine’s APK) and Windows apps (.exe’s) on your computer and transfer them to your mobile device in case your smartphone does not have a working network connection.

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